Being the all-inclusive technology solution is very appealing to a number of business sectors, particularly the commercial sector. Juggling numerous projects and contacting contractors can be very challenging for a commercial manager. Our one stop approach makes it very easy for our commercial clients. Their one point of contact addresses all of their technology needs.

A Prime example (pun intended) of such a client is Punch Bowl Social. Punch Bowl Social is a unique entertainment concept that eliminates the need for a customer to choose between good food/beverage and a great social experience. They have it all. Punch Bowl Social currently has one location in Denver, CO and another in Portland, OR. Their newest location in Austin, TX is under construction and our team will be traveling to Austin in early May for the setup of their technology infrastructure. Once the project is near completion, our team will travel to Austin again for the final integration of all of their technology systems. Prime will be engineering and installing their audio system, video system, surveillance and security, telephone system, lighting control, POS (Point of Sale) framework, and computer networking. The Austin location is scheduled to open this summer. Punch Bowl Social has also announced a fourth location in Detroit that will be opening in the fall of 2014. Prime will be taking care of their technology needs for this location as well.

Check out Punch Bowl Social’s website at With the recent success of this unique concept, don’t be surprised to see a Punch Bowl Social come to your town!