Everyone has the dreaded location/s in their house with numerous switches in one spot. You can never seem to figure out which switch controls which light. How annoying!! The days of controlling your lights with a manual switch are going away. Lighting control systems give you the ability to control your lights with any mobile device. You can turn lights on and off, dim lights to the desired level and even setup lighting scenes to suit your lifestyle.

The major advantage of a lighting control system over conventional manual switching is the ability to control individual lights or groups of lights from a single user interface device. The ability to control multiple light sources from a device allows for complex lighting scenes. A room may have multiple scenes saved, each created for different activities in the room. Another benefit of lighting control systems is reduced energy consumption.

In new construction, you can run wires prior to wall installation, so you can have a hard wired lighting control system. If the home has already been built, no problem. There are now wireless lighting control systems that can be installed into existing homes, some of which only require a single wall outlet.

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