Recently, we were contacted by a restaurant regarding their surveillance system. They had a 16 camera surveillance system, but five of them were not operating correctly. Upon arrival, it was abundantly clear why five of the cameras were not working. Poor installation was the obvious root cause. This blog picture will help give you an understanding as to why we deduced that improper installation was the root cause for the inoperable cameras. Within three hours, we had all cameras working and the customer was protected.

Prime Environments takes great pride in all facets of our business. From engineering to installation, we take the time to do the right thing for our customers. We use the, “measure twice, cut once” thought process in order to achieve superior end results. Investing time on the front end insures that when we leave a project, the job is done to the highest degree of quality and that the customer has a quality product for years to come.

It is easy for a company to talk about quality workmanship, so give Prime Environments the opportunity to prove it to you. Call us at 941-922-2842 and we will be happy to show you how technology should look.