So how many locations in your home have more than three light switches at one location? Three, four, ten? The reality is that most people have numerous types of these locations in their home. Every knows how annoying it is to switch six switches before you actually find the correct one. While trying to find the right switch, you probably turned on a fan, a couple outdoor lights, and lights in rooms that seemingly shouldn’t be connected to that switch!
Lighting control is a way for you to avoid these issues and prices have become more affordable for the average homeowner. With a single plate, you can control numerous lighting zones. All of the new systems have full smartphone and tablet control so you can easily set your homes lighting scenes with the swipe of a finger. These systems are very user friendly and are becoming increasingly popular.
Savant lighting control is the perfect solution for anyone looking to automate their home’s lighting. Here is a video that demonstrates how easy it is to use a Savant lighting control system.