Motorized Window Shades

Prime Audio Video offers premier Motorized Window Shades with mobile control, blackout shades and the ability to integrate into your home or business. We all know that Florida’s sun is always out and the heat produced is intense, which you don’t want in your home. Today’s shades can be installed without wiring since battery powered shades are now readily available. Couple that with control from your phone and/or tablet and motorized roller shades are an obvious addition to your home or business.

“We moved into a new house and knew that the East side of the house was going to be in the direct line of the morning sun. A local friend recommended contacting Prime Audio Video for motorized window shades. Glad I called because they installed the shades in a timely manner and have saved us money on our power bill as well as giving us the ability to enjoy of house in the mornings. Thank you Prime Audio Video”
Jenny Hingdens, Homeowner
“I’m going to make this real simple – If you need a home theater, Prime AV is your answer. They said they knew home theaters and they definitely back it up.”
Bill Thomas, Homeowner
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