When you think about the word environment, what comes to mind? Almost unanimously the response has something to do with nature. Some may think of Siesta Key beach, while others may think of the woods in Myakka River State Park, but the first thought is typically related to the outdoors. We can all agree that both locations mentioned are environments, but how about your living room? Is that an environment?

If you look up the definition of environment, you will find that the definition talks about the objects, circumstances, and conditions in which one is surrounded. Nothing is said about whether it is limited to the outdoors or the indoors. Personally, I know that I am surrounded by my indoor environment much more than my outdoor environment (whether I like it or not). I know when I am indoors, my goal is to be as comfortable as possible and in an environment that is conducive to spending time with family and friends. Throw good food and technology in the mix and my prime environment has been created.

What is your prime environment?

– Kevin Phillippi, Chief Operation Officer –