Flat Screen TV Installation

The rapid advancements in video display have given consumers a wide variety of options. LED flat screen TV’s have become a fixture in our homes and businesses. While it is exciting to watch these technological advancements unfold before our eyes, staying current with technology can be challenging. At Prime AV, we place great focus on staying current with video display technology. Our team is constantly seeking out the newest technologies from trade journals, conferences, our vendors, and R&D companies. Offering cutting-edge video display products gives the consumer comfort in knowing that their video display system will have the longest possible lifespan. We are experts in flat screen tv installation and would be happy to help with your TV installation.

Smart TV’s have become the industry standard for video display. Here are just a few things that a smart TV can do for you:

Mobile Connectivity – Smart TV’s has the ability to connect to mobile devices.

Voice Interaction – Many functions can be controlled by voice interaction.

Cloud Storage – Smart TV’s have the ability to store information on a cloud-based server. This means less hardware in your home and easy access to your saved information.

Evolution Kits – These kits can receive upgrade information and transmit the information to your smart TV. This means that you can install upgrades to your smart TV without having to buy another smart TV.