Previously, commercial consumers and elite residential consumers were the only ones that purchased surveillance and camera equipment, but now almost anyone can afford a home security system. Advancements in technology have led to a substantial increase in the number of available cameras and the prices have dropped as manufacturing costs have decreased. This has created the perfect environment for rapid growth in the surveillance market.

Data storage is another area that has made significant technological headway. The cost of storage has become affordable and storage options have become more advanced too. Now you have the option of storing your video footage at your location or having it stored in cloud storage. Cloud storage is storing footage remotely. There are a number of benefits to storing your data in cloud storage:

  • The cost of an onsite device is expensive, typically measured in thousands of dollars. The cost of cloud storage is an affordable monthly charge.
  • Your data storage secured in an off-site location, so you do not have to worry about data getting destroyed or stolen.
  • You can access your data at any time from a computer or mobile device.

Cloud storage is the next step in surveillance data storage. The days of expensive hardware will soon be a thing of the past and all data stored in a secure, virtual server for an affordable price.