All too many times we see elaborate home automation systems installed in their homes without proper attention given to the rack design and the home automation wire management. Getting excited about having a high-quality home automation system installed is a good thing. Having good sound, beautiful video, lighting control, climate control, etc., makes life more fun and easier to manage. The part that most people forget about is their home automation wire management, but we can help.

The rack is the brain of your entire home’s technology system. The rack is where communication to other devices occurs so that the customer has a seamless user experience. This means that connections and organization at the rack location is paramount importance. Without proper home automation wire management, the system will fail. Sure it may work at first, but poor wiring connection will lead to major issues in very short order. Once the issues start, they never get better. You will be fighting an uphill battle to control your home, but we can help.

Wire Management Experts

We encountered this issue many times over the years. It is disheartening to tell a client that their system requires a rack wiring overhaul. It is especially challenging when the customer has invested their money into a system. One that requires even more investment just to get it working like it should in the first place. Proper labeling, color coding wires, proper lengths and rack equipment placement are a few ways to increase the success of your home automation system.

This blog’s picture is an example of a rack that was in disarray. The scariest thing about this project was that the client had the system installed for under 6 months! Ample labor hours and parts to get the equipment connected in such a way where the system would work as designed. We do not like to see this type of situation, so instead of thinking about home automation wire management after the fact, be proactive and be a part of the rack design process. You will be the one living with the system, so don’t be afraid. We encourage our clients to be a part of the equipment design phase of the project and it has proven beneficial.

If you are thinking about getting a home automation system and/or you in need of some home automation wire management. We would be happy to help you in either scenario. Give us a call at 941-922-2842 and we would be happy to talk to you about your project!