The Thrilling Potential of SixthSense Technology

By now, most people have become familiar with TED Talks. For those of you that haven’t, TED Talks mission is to spread ideas. They are a non-profit organization that get subject matter experts to discuss topics pertinent to their area/s of expertise. Subjects range from technology to global issues to entertainment. One of the most [...]

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4K Projectors

A practical and unique alternative to a large flat screen TV is a 4K projector. They are capable of displaying the same 4K resolution as any TV on the market. Not to mention the ability to have an image greater than 100 inches is much more cost-effective with a 4K projector. Many people think that [...]

CEDIA Expo 2015

The CEDIA Expo once again showcased the latest technology in the residential technology market. The advancements in this past year really opened our eyes and we are excited to share this information with our customers. Wireless speaker technology has become the standard for existing residential audio and A/V distribution solutions have become less expensive and [...]

InfoComm 2015

This year, we were fortunate enough to have InfoComm in Orlando, FL. InfoComm is the trade association representing the professional audio/visual and information communications industries worldwide. Their annual convention is rivaled only by the annual CEDIA convention. People come from all around the world to see the newest products and emerging trends in the audiovisual [...]

CEDIA Conference 2013

Our company had the privilege of attending the annual CEDIA EXPO in Denver. The sheer magnitude of the conference blew us away. Every vendor imaginable was there from Crestron to Sonos to Autonomic – the list goes on. It was fascinating to see the newest technology in home automation, commercial automation, and home theater systems. [...]

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