“What exactly is a smart home?”

It’s a question we’re asked quite a bit at Prime Audio Video. Technology is here, and it’s growing. Smart Homes will soon be the new normal. It seems to evolve just a little bit faster than we have time to catch up with it. Here at Prime, we recognize this, and we agree, it’s a lot to take in! At its best, technology is simple (what?!). After all, it is here to make our lives easier. So, why can it be so difficult to understand all the terminology? Below, we take on the task of breaking down the parlance for you. Here are a few common terms you’ll hear in the home technology business and what it all means.

Smart Home Glossary

Automation: The process used to control or personalize a device (lighting, heating/A.C., T.V./sound systems, security, appliances, window shades, door locks, etc.)

Smart Home: (Also, referred to as an “Automated Home”) This is a home that has any of the above automation features.

Gateway: This is the device used to control what is being automated – most often, a wall mount, mobile phone or tablet/computer.

Programming: This is the process of connecting the system in a Smart Home needing automation with the device that will be controlling it.

Voice Control: Another way to “tell” something automated what to do. For example, a sound system might include a voice control feature in which the user can say, “turn music on,” and the music will begin to play over the speakers.