A practical and unique alternative to a large flat screen TV is a 4K projector. They are capable of displaying the same 4K resolution as any TV on the market. Not to mention the ability to have an image greater than 100 inches is much more cost-effective with a 4K projector.

Many people think that projectors are not capable of creating the same high-quality image as a TV. This is totally understandable. Past projectors had poor resolution, light wash-out issues and upkeep for replacement items such as bulbs were expensive. This is simply no longer the case.  Major manufacturers such as Sony and Epson have invested large amounts of resources into creating 4K projectors. This has created crisp, pure resolution in an environment with existing light conditions.

Prime Audio Video 4K Projector Installation

A recent project that Prime Audio Video completed was a fully automated custom residential integration. The project included a 4K projector that came out of the ceiling when the client wants to watch video content in their living room.

The Vutec projector screen complemented the Epson 4K projector nicely. Both came out of the ceiling at the same time with a simple tap of a button from their iPad. Having this level of control and automation at your fingertips is entirely possible with the help of Prime Audio Video 4K projector.

We want people to know that a 4K resolution of immense proportions is available. Prime Audio Video is a regional leader in custom home and business integration. There is nothing that can’t be done with the right amount of effort and capital, as can be seen in the earlier video link. We are passionate about our industry and helping people. Remember that no idea is too crazy and if it’s possible, we are the ones that can help you make your imagination become reality.