Can you hear me now? Isn’t that just about the most annoying phrase to hear when you talking to someone on a cell phone? Poor cell phone signal and dropped calls can not only be annoying, but can be costly. Losing a call with a potential client or your boss could have adverse financial affects. An increasing amount of people are working from home due to the enhancements in remote technology. Losing a call is the last thing that you need to worry about.

We are happy to tell you that there are now quality solutions to poor cell phone signal. As a technology integrator, we understand that this is a serious issue and we want to help. Our team is trained on cell phone signals and can perform an on site audit that will show you your current signal strength, the best cell signal direction, and recommend a product that will work best to solve your issue. End you cell phone signal frustration and call 941-922-2842 to set up a free on site consultation.