Music is one of the most important forms of entertainment. Whether it is for relaxation purposes, motivational purposes, or to distract the mind, we all love music. However, not all of us like to see the source of our audio, the speakers. This makes sense considering that many home and business designs do not bode well for speakers. The speaker grill coupled with the speaker rim can adversely affect an interior design. Prime Audio Video is an expert in Sarasota Invisible Speakers. We have successfully installed speakers that can not be seen by the naked eye but can be heard. It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true and they are possible for new construction and existing buildings.

The invisible speakers installed slightly below the drywall. After the speaker is mounted into the wall, a very thin layer of joint compound is applied. The thin layer makes it possible to still hear the audio while not having to look at the speaker. It is a winning scenario for all parties involved.

Sarasota Interior Designers Invisible Speakers

One of the happiest professions to hear this news has been interior designers. Interior designers do not like having to design a home around speakers. Not seeing speakers makes perfect sense considering that designers are brilliant visionaries. Prime Audio Video enjoys making interior designers dreams a reality through the use of Sarasota Invisible Speakers.

Another great thing is that Prime Audio Video installs Sarasota Invisible Speakers in new construction and existing homes and businesses. Many people have a home in need of audio but do not want to have to see speaker grills in their wall. Not a problem. Our team is certified in the art of invisible speaker installation. Give us a call today to learn more about balancing audio with aesthetics. We can help with your custom integration needs with the best speakers.