So we have all at one time or another probably heard the term “home automation”. It sounds cool and is associated with technology, but what is home automation? Even if someone has heard the term, the meaning of the term many times is unknown. At Prime Audio Video, we can break it down for you. Home Automation in a broad perspective is using technology to your advantage. The recent advancements in technology have made smart homes with automation available to almost any consumer. Prime Audio Video is an expert in Sarasota Home Automation.

Prime Audio Video and Sarasota Home Automation

The best way to illustrate home automation in words would be to go through a typical morning in your life. Waking up would be easy in the morning because you would have set your alarm with your voice the night before. Your favorite song would, of course, be waking you up. You head to your bathroom, already set at a perfect 76 degrees. The lights turned on when your alarm went off and the bathroom speakers are playing your local radio morning show. Before you get dressed, you ask the system for your local weather information. As you walk down the stairs, you are happy to smell the rich aroma of coffee waiting for you. Piping hot with two scoops of sugar, just the way you like it.  The automated shades take care of blocking the morning light.

As you head toward the garage, the home automation system opens your garage door in preparation for your departure. Your car unlocks and turns on. As the car backs itself out of the garage, your home thermostat raises the A/C set to point to 79 degrees. You will be working all day it can reduce your energy usage. The garage doors close on their own and your home security system activates, including door locks. The lights turn off, with the exception of the strategically chosen lights.

Sarasota Home Automation experts Prime Audio Video are specialists in using technology to your advantage. Making your life easier and creating an environment of comfort via technology is our goal. Let us show you how home automation could fit into your lifestyle. Click here to set up a consultation because it will make your life easier.